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Save up to 50% on stuff you were going to buy anyway. Checkmate finds the best deals in your  inbox and combines them with the hottest deals online to save you huge money at Checkout.

Install the Chrome extension

Checkmate registrations are currently closed again due to overwhelming interest. We are making some changes to the back-end and will re-open shortly with version 2.0, thank you for your interest, drop your email to get notified when we go back live!

How it works


Install Checkmate, the free Chrome extension that integrates with your email inbox


Shop online as you normally do at your favorite brands


Save money by buying and applying personalized coupons and discounted gift cards as you checkout

We support 1000's of your favorite retailers

Welcome to the new revolution in savings

With Checkmate, the savings are immediate. You pay the discounted price and never have to wait for cashback.

Reporting and Monitoring of your Personalized Deals!

Checkmate regularly scans all promotion emails that are sent to your email account. It collects the deals and lets you know weekly in a simple breakdown which vendors are sending you the best deals. These deals are also applied automatically to your checkout when you purchase on that merchant!

Two Easy Steps

1. Deals are pulled from your inbox and the internet

Shop as usual. Once you reach the checkout, Checkmate searches your own email inbox for personalized deals and finds you the deals that will save you the most money in a few quick seconds.

2. Automatically apply it!

Checkmate applies your personalized deals automatically to the checkout, no extra steps necessary!

How Checkmate makes money

Checkmate partners with merchants to earn money when you checkout using Checkmate

You save money, they get a new sale

Welcome to Checkmate

Did we mention it's free?