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Save up to 50% on the stuff you were going to buy anyway. Checkmate finds you the most discounted gift cards on the internet and applies them as you shop.

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How it works


Install Checkmate, the free Chrome extension


Shop online as you normally do at your favorite brands


Save money by buying and applying discounted gift cards as you checkout

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With Checkmate, the savings are immediate. You pay the discounted price and never have to wait for cashback.

Save up to 50% at checkout

People are selling discounted gift cards all over the internet. Checkmate finds you savings at 1000's of top retailers by constantly hunting the internet for discounted gift cards and matching them to your purchases as you shop.

Two Easy Steps

1. Finds the best card - Fast

Shop as usual. Once you reach the checkout, Checkmate searches the internet and finds the gift card that will save you the most money in a few quick seconds.

2. Grab it!

Purchase the gift card through Checkmate with just one click. Your card can now be applied to your checkout. You just saved a bunch of money. It's that easy!

How Checkmate makes money

Checkmate partners with merchants to earn money when you checkout using Checkmate

You save money, they get a new sale

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