How it works

Checkmate finds you savings at 1000's of top retailers by constantly hunting the internet for discounted gift cards

Install the Chrome extension

Install the Checkmate Chrome extension to be notified of savings opportunities.

Shop using Chrome

Shop as usual. Once you reach the checkout, Checkmate searches the internet and finds the gift card that will save you the most money in a few quick seconds.

Checkout with Checkmate

At checkout, Checkmate will notify you of potential savings. Using the Checkmate plugin you will prompted to set up a Checkmate Wallet where you can purchase the discounted gift card. When you click 'Buy and Apply' a gift card will be purchased and will be applied to your checkout. You are charged the discounted gift card value. If you decide not to use the gift card it will be stored in your Checkmate Wallet.

Keep track of gift cards

Once you set up your Checkmate Wallet you can store any existing gift cards in your wallet. The Checkmate extension will notify you when shopping on that merchant's website so you don't forget about using any existing gift cards.

How Checkmate makes money

Checkmate partners with merchants to earn money when you checkout using Checkmate

You save money, they get a new sale

Welcome to Checkmate

Did we mention it's free?